Friday, October 9, 2009

RedLaser for iPhone

One interesting observation I've made with the iPhone is that the device, the plan and all the associated applications have helped me part with money even faster than I ever could before. For starters I pay more than I did for the Blackberry, I use it far more than I ever used a mobile phone before and I purchase a huge number of applications and songs that I didn't before.

Now I can even use my iPhone to purchase airline tickets, books, groceries... whatever! Sometimes I come across an app that can help save money. RedLaser just happens to be one of these great applications. Using the camera device in your iPhone (first-gen, 3G and 3GS) the application scans the barcode of any item and tells you about what item you've scanned. It then searches Google Product Search and Amazon for the lowest online price for that item.

This is a great iPhone application that lets you shop smarter and be confident that you've made a smart purchase. The app will also keep an inventory of what you've scanned and email a list of products.

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