Thursday, March 18, 2010


Do you remember the old game of Risk? Well there is an iPhone app that is similar, not the same of course, that is called Conquest. In the game you combine risk and strategy to conquer the world!

Conquest is a great combination of playing a fantastic retro-like game on a modern day format!


  1. I've had this app for several months. Pricey but worth it. BTW, I am convinced that North America is the best starting-point for anyone interested in taking over the world.

  2. WHAT!!! Are you nuts? Australia is most definately the place to start... then move up north through Russia!

    the Mate

  3. I don't think location matters, it's strategy! Attach attach attack... just don't break your iphone with your finger on the screen!

  4. I use to love playing risk. Got this iphone app a few weeks ago and think it's great! I got the free one first then bought the paid version which is well worth the $.