Friday, April 23, 2010

Airport Madness Mobile

From the maker of Airport Madness and Airport Madness 2, Airport Madness Mobile was released yesterday on the iTunes store for your iPhone or iPod Touch device.

I won't sugar coat this next point, it isn't free but it is VERY GOOD!

"You land a million planes safely. Then you have one little midair collision and you never hear the end of it." Air Traffic Controller. New York TRACON

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to work the world's most stressful job? Well now is your chance to get a feel for it, and no-one will get hurt (just your thumbs)! Fantastic graphics and sound effects.

Once you've had a chance to master the busy daytime traffic, there are some other challenges thrown at you, like working the nightshift!

Air Traffic Controllers are only allowed 3 strikes and they're out... out of a job that is! Assuming you can make it this far, there is even bad weather to contend with, if you can handle the stress. The better you are at the game, the more your pay goes up. How much can you make?

Big Fat Simulations has plenty of experience making games for your PC, and now they've partnered with Fluik Entertainment to develop Airport Madness Mobile for your iPhone. The only question is, do you have the nerves of steel required to handle this iPhone game that Kicks Butt!


  1. Hi its really very nice i enjoyed a lot to visit..mobiles phones

  2. I'm already afraid to fly, this might put me over the edge. Again, I'm sure the boys will love this one too!

    Is this an existing PC game as well as an iPhone game?


  3. I impressed myself when I was able to obtain a score (salary) of just over $70,000. I thought this was pretty good, but I see someone obliterated all other scores by getting $370,470.

    I don't know how they did this but that is quite impressive!

    Kick Butt

  4. I've just purchased levels 3-5 and had a confirmation email, but there is no change to the basic game on my itouch. Should I see a different icon?