Friday, May 21, 2010

Atmospherique - Canadian Weather

I found a Canadian weather application at the iTunes store that is a big improvement over the regular weather app on your iPhone. Atmospherique shows the weather for many cities, small and large, across a vast country - CANADA!!!

The weather conditions are taken from the best source available - Environment Canada - ensuring the information you get is accurate, up to date, and considering some remote locations... available!

At a glance you can quickly see current conditions and temperature, a six day forecast with pictures, precipitation and temperature ranges. As well as showing pressure, humidity, windchill factor and gusts, I especially like the sunrise and sunset times. There is even a pie chart showing daytime vs nightime.

There are options to show information in English or French and temperature can be displayed in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Calvin. Right now it's 290K, so I can safely leave my jacket behind.


  1. The only advantage to this iphone app is the sunrise and sunset option. The basic weather feature built in to the iPhone is good enough for me!

  2. The weather apps on the iPhone are never correct for Winnipeg, always WAY off. This App is so detailed you can pick the region of the area where you live in Canada and it is VERY accurate. For once Canada has a app just for us! Way to Go Atmospherique!! Spread the word!!