Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I must admit I was resisting the iPad for a while because I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro, so I really didn't see any reason for me to get an iPad. Last week in Vegas, I had a chance to play with an iPad, and right away I fell in love. What a great little device. I'm sure in the near future we will look back and laugh at the times we sat with a laptop... on our lap! Come on, it looks ridiculous having a laptop balanced on our knees, mouse on the side and trying to surf at the same time - just give up on trying to type anything.

I don't think the iPad will ever replace my MacBook, but it will get used plenty of times in place of it. For starters the screen is great. I've often moved my fingers to the screen to "stretch" the image instinctively as I would with my iPhone, to remember than I can't do that. Well with the iPad I can. Whether I want to read a book, read a blog, check the news, use an app or watch a show, the iPad is fantastic. It is simple to travel with, whether packed or carried by hand onto an airplane. I could go away and take only the iPad... and a swimsuit. No need for my laptop. Sorry Mr Kindle - you stay at home too.

The biggest downfall of the iPad is the lack of flash. No, not the camera flash, but the kind many websites still have. Some websites will only partially work on the iPad, and some flash games won't work at all. You can even buy a little portable keypad for any long typing you need to do. Otherwise it's like typing on the iPhone, except the numbers and letters are bigger.

Not a bad little package. The iPad definitely kicks some serious butt!

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