Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!!!

Happy Canada Day to all those 34 Million Canadians out there!

Top ten ways to celebrate:

10. Make pancakes with pure maple syrup.
9. Eat bacon.
8. Wear red and white colours (Canadians add the U in color).
7. Be even nicer than normal.
6. Visit Niagara Falls (popular).
5. Visit Canada's desert (in Osoyoos, British Columbia).
4. Drink real beer (not any of that 4.5% alcohol stuff).
3. Play hockey, and do it well!
2. Enjoy having different holidays, spelling and even 1/2 hour time zones.
1. Finish every sentence with "Eh" (nobody knows why?)

But most of all, enjoy Canada's 144th Birthday.

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