Sunday, September 25, 2011

iPhone 5 update

There was lots of talk about the iPhone 5 being ready for early September but based on the small number of leaks (that's really how it's measured) it looks more and more like late 2011.

I guess instead of the "back to school" time they are pushing the old Christmas gift for the mighty iPhone 5.  Interestingly enough, regardless of what it has, or doesn't have, there are plenty reports that it'll outsell all other smartphones!  I sometimes wonder if Apple could package up a pile of dog crap an sell it!


  1. It takes some time as it is not decided when the iPhone 5 is going to launch. Many rumors are there but the correct answer will be given only by Apple. So am also waiting for it.
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  2. I think Apple likes to work everyone up to a frenzy about the product then launch when there will be lineups for it. Selling out of a product doesn't hurt too. I totally expected the iPhone 5, not 4S. I will probably join the masses and get the 5 too when it comes out.