Thursday, June 18, 2009

iPhone book that makes sense!

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to start learning about iPhone code before actually knowing how to work the iPhone itself. I was deeply submerged in the iPhone SDK (software development kit) that Apple provided me, learning about Cocoa Touch, SQ Lite, nib files and Open GL, when I realized I still didn't know how to access email on the iPhone 3G.

I was behind the 8-ball, the football, the medicine ball and any other type of ball you could possibly imagine. The cart was WELL ahead of the horse... me being the horse and the cart being the rest of society. I needed a crash course (I never cared for the that saying) on how to work the basics of the iPhone and get the most out of the iPhone stock and add-on applications. Being too embarrassed to be caught reading anything that included "...for dummies!" I searched for the best iPhone book available. I finally came across a book called My iPhone (Second Edition), written by Brad Miser. The book is easy to read, unlike most manuals, and has plenty of pictures that helps you follow along. Having an iPhone beside you helps too.

My iPhone starts by giving a tour of the iPhone and it's many features. Following the book you set up your iTunes, Contacts, Email, Bluetooth, Web, Calendar and everything else you might need. The book does a great job of explaining how to use your iPhone and make the most out of what it does so well. My iPhone also points out what the iPhone doesn't do well at by displaying in a red block the title It's Not All Good.

Being just one evolutionary step ahead of the ...for dummies level, and with the knowledge of how to access my email, I must now gallop ahead in search of my cart!


  1. Nice blog!

    When I first got my iPhone, it was a luxury, a toy. Now I run my small business almost entirely from the iPhone, and must say that the book would be correct. "It's not all good." And believe me, if I could fit my laptop into my back pocket, I wouldn't need an iPhone. But the iPhone does a tremendous amount of work for such a small object.

    Thanks for the recommend, I will definitely check it out.


  2. The iPhone has become a business entity of it's own. An entire industry of applications, accessories, blogs, and other products revolve around cellular devices like the Google Android, the RIM Blackberry, the Apple iPhone, and the Palm Pre.

    Congratulations on running your own small business from your iPhone.