Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New iPhone OS 3.0 Software

Apple released the latest iPhone software package today called 3.0. We’ve been hearing about the details from Beta users since Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) finished in San Jose last week. Before applauding or complaining about the following new features that 3.0 gives you, keep in mind the price is right. The Apple iPhone OS 3.0 is free!

Cut, Copy and Paste: A great improvement is now being able to Cut, Copy and Paste, even between different applications. You can even use this feature for Internet images. A simple double-tap places two pins around a bubble that you can adjust. Careful when you only want to edit that you don’t open the Cut, Copy and Paste feature accidentally.

Landscape Keyboard: By rotating the iPhone 90°, sideways, you now have landscape view for Mail, Texting, Notes, Safari and SMS. This is basically a mathematical change called rotational transformation, or autorotation, calculated to display horizontally instead of vertically. This is my favorite feature of all, unless I’m trying to type laying down in bed… think about it!

Tethering: Tethering is the ability to use your iPhone as a wireless modem device to connect your computer to the web. Simply attach a USB cable or use Bluetooth. The one caveat being that you must be on at least a 1GB/month plan. Tethering is free until at least December 31st, 2009. Apple will likely introduce a price plan that includes Tethering sometime before 2010. Until then, this is an option instead of purchasing a mobile Internet stick. This is of course, based on carrier availability.

Spotlight Search: No, this isn’t like the flashlight application. Spotlight lets you search your iPhone content and displays the findings in a neat list that is easy to interact with. A swipe in the right direction, literally, brings up Spotlight Search that will peruse your Mail, Music, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Applications to help you find what you are looking for faster than ever before. This is slick!

Some other improvements you will enjoy on your iPhone thanks to the OS 3.0 software are:

Multimedia Messaging Service, better access to pictures taken with camera, Voice Memos, Shake to Shuffle, an improved Calendar and a peer-to-peer ability for Next Generation iPhone Applications. Apple has even improved the Stock Application, but it won’t improve the stocks performances.


  1. The landscaped keyboard is really terrific! I can actually type with both thumbs quite easily, whereas before the keyboard was too cramped.

    I do a lot of cut-and-paste, so this 3.0 release is a big one for me. Now I have nothing left to complain about, except my monthly bill!

  2. In defense of the large monthly iPhone bill, I suspect that with all the information at your fingertips, and some apps that save you time, it's well worth the investment!

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