Monday, September 20, 2010

Cold War - Apple vs Google

Remember some story from a long time ago about Eve presenting Adam an apple and saying "eat this dear!" Even today, an apple can be very dangerous, especially when we are talking about the company Apple! When it comes to the mobile device market, it looks like kill or be killed!

It appears that Apple is buying as many shares as possible of a Swedish company called Polar Rose. This company holds numerous patents, one of which enables extracting 3D features from a 2D image. This is how they operate their face-recognition platform that accesses a library of photos, such as your iPhone pictures, Facebook or Twitter.

Apple can obviously reap the benefits of adding this technology to some of their existing/developing facial recognition software. Another bonus for Apple is that if they own this company, Google doesn't! Specifically, it won't be on the Android.

I suspect in the next year we will see more of these companies playing the offensive against one another just to stop the other from having something that they don't. I refer to this as the Cold War, Apple versus Google!

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