Friday, September 17, 2010

"Will It Fly" takes flight!

About two weeks ago I blogged about an iPhone application that was soon to be released. In fact, I was even given a screenshot from the beta version of the game. Will It Fly was released on the iTunes store today! The idea of the iPhone game is to load the airplane up with as many people and boxes of cargo as you dare and see if it can still take-off and out-climb a mountain, bridge or volcano. The more you carry without crashing, the higher your score.

The game has two modes of play, basic and advanced. In the advanced version, you are given the wind (headwind or tailwind), temperature and runway elevation, and then you load up the aircraft and hope it survives the departure. You don't need to be an aerodynamicist to play the advanced version - the game even gives a basic description of how to play without being overly complicated. Headwind and cool temperature = good. Tailwind and hot temperature = bad! The lower the elevation, the better the aircraft will perform.

Try the basic first to get the hang of playing the game

The bridge is higher than it looks and watch the big drop-off at the beginning!

The volcano scenario is quite challenging in the advanced version. Watch the winds and hope the the temperature isn't too hot or you won't be able to carry much!

Originally developed by Big Fat Simulations for the computer, and adapted for the iPhone by Fluik Entertainment, this iPhone app has the ingredients and history to do very well. It certainly scores well on the Kick Butt - O - Meter!!!


  1. I looked on iTunes and it looks like it's made by the same company that makes airport madness. Looks cool.

  2. You are correct. Big Fat Simulations made all of the Airport Madness series of games and Will It Fly, plus a few others.

    Great stuff!