Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photoshop Mobile for iPhone

A quick perusal of Apple's iTunes store and you will be overwhelmed with choices of photo editing applications for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Adobe has just released Mobile that lets you quickly and easily edit and share your photos with simple gestures directly on your iPhone.

Simply take pictures with your iPhone and either edit them on the device itself or save your photos at the free Photoshop Account. Signing up is easy, then you can upload, store and share all of you iPhone photos, saving you space on your iPhone.

Some of the editing features:
-crop, rotate and flip
-adjust exposure, saturation, tint and black and white
-sketch, soft focus
-various effects (vibrant, blur, blow, warm vintage)

Adobe has done a great job of filling a void where there wasn't one before. This is one of the better photo editing and storing applications available right now on the iTunes store, and it's all free. It definitely Kicks Butt!

Friday, October 9, 2009

RedLaser for iPhone

One interesting observation I've made with the iPhone is that the device, the plan and all the associated applications have helped me part with money even faster than I ever could before. For starters I pay more than I did for the Blackberry, I use it far more than I ever used a mobile phone before and I purchase a huge number of applications and songs that I didn't before.

Now I can even use my iPhone to purchase airline tickets, books, groceries... whatever! Sometimes I come across an app that can help save money. RedLaser just happens to be one of these great applications. Using the camera device in your iPhone (first-gen, 3G and 3GS) the application scans the barcode of any item and tells you about what item you've scanned. It then searches Google Product Search and Amazon for the lowest online price for that item.

This is a great iPhone application that lets you shop smarter and be confident that you've made a smart purchase. The app will also keep an inventory of what you've scanned and email a list of products.

Data-less maps for travel!

Unless I need it, I usually don't carry my iPhone with me when I travel out of country. The charges associated with data and long distance calls are outrageous. I've used the GPS map feature on my iPhone to find my way around a new city, but at a huge cost.

Thanks to Dubbele's Mobile Street Maps, you can now pre-download an entire map of a place you will be traveling to. It works where Google Maps isn't accessible, or when you have data turned off (Flight mode) on your iPhone. Even without internet access you can still search for locations. The Dutch company has applications for a huge number of cities, over 400 to date. Some are free apps and some cost up to $2. It will pay for itself every trip, and once you've downloaded it once, it's on your iPhone until you delete it!

You won't have the GPS location of where you are but using these maps will help you get around without the worry of paying extra for the data.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Bryan Adams 11

Last night I saw Bryan Adams play in a smaller venue, which was very nicely done. I've been a big fan of his for the last 25 years and I've always enjoyed seeing him play live. He played only with an acoustic guitar and harmonica, his voice and a pianist who played along for about 2/3 of the songs. He started off by playing one of his classic songs off the Reckless album, Run to you. Bryan then played a mix of his new songs (from the Album 11) some older songs and some I've never heard of. He entertained us with stories and also explained the inspirations for some songs.

Now you might be wondering what this has to do with iPhones but there is a connection, I promise! I bought the four tickets in June using my iPhone because I was away at the time. I also had a bid on some premium seats that gave the ticket holders a post concert meeting and photo op with Bryan. I was tracking my bid while in Vegas but got outbid by someone who was willing to part with more money than I was. Last night I was kicking myself thinking that I should have kept bidding, but considering I was losing money in Vegas at the time I was trying to be financially prudent.

The story continues... I used my iPhone last night to find the venue and work our way through the one-way streets to find parking that didn't require a cab ride to the concert. Nearing the end of the excellent performance Bryan Adams put on, a member of the audience yelled out "Bryan can we take pictures?" His answer was "sure" and out came the cameras! I've never seen anything like it. At once point I looked around and saw many iPhones up getting shots of the show. There were a few 3GS iPhones taking video too. Funny thing was, i kept my iPhone in my pocket and resisted the urge to bring it out. I was enjoying the show too much!