Sunday, May 23, 2010

Battery Doctor

One little feature I really liked about the iPhone 3GS over the regular iPhone 3G, was the battery life percentage displayed beside the battery icon at the top right of my iPhone.

When my wife showed me a new iPhone application she got called Battery Doctor. I mentioned that because I had the 3GS, I would have no need for it. Wow, was I ever wrong. First of all, never try and tell your wife that you know something she doesn't, second, this iPhone app does plenty more than I thought.

Some of the extra cool battery features you get for just 99 cents:
-Display of how much talk time you have left
-How long you can surf the internet
-How long you can be on U tube
-Audio playback time
-Playing 2D and 3D games
-Taking photos
-Standby time

and the best of all.... time to recharge back to 100%

There are also some tips on how to maximize battery life, a log of recharging, and you can even select themes for the display.

This little app definitely kicks butt!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Atmospherique - Canadian Weather

I found a Canadian weather application at the iTunes store that is a big improvement over the regular weather app on your iPhone. Atmospherique shows the weather for many cities, small and large, across a vast country - CANADA!!!

The weather conditions are taken from the best source available - Environment Canada - ensuring the information you get is accurate, up to date, and considering some remote locations... available!

At a glance you can quickly see current conditions and temperature, a six day forecast with pictures, precipitation and temperature ranges. As well as showing pressure, humidity, windchill factor and gusts, I especially like the sunrise and sunset times. There is even a pie chart showing daytime vs nightime.

There are options to show information in English or French and temperature can be displayed in Celsius, Fahrenheit or Calvin. Right now it's 290K, so I can safely leave my jacket behind.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Words With Friends

Don't let the title fool you, this app is fun. I use to be a huge fan of scrabble when I was a kid. When a scrabble-like game came out of facebook, I enjoyed that too. Now with Words With Friends I can play a word game on my iPhone.

The game allows you to play with friends, strangers, or just take your time and play as a single to challenge yourself.

Reading the comments it sounds like they've been working out some bugs, which happens!

It's funny how new technologies can help revive the concept of a game that had long since become near extinct! There are plenty of games and iPhone applications at the iTunes store that have done just that.

Again, combing something retro with new tech... I love it!