Thursday, March 31, 2011

More iPhone 5 news

When do we change the classification of a rumor and call it news! For instance, until Steve Jobs stands on a stage and holds a new gadget and says "here's the new iPhone 5" we really don't know when it will come out, or if it really is a thing yet. We often get leaked bits of information or a tip from a "close source" but not much to substantiate it to become fact!

There was a comment recently by Howard Stringer (CEO of Sony) that they were developing parts for an 8 Megapixel camera for what could only by the iPhone 5. Does this mean that it's coming out soon? Does this confirm even the existence of a future iPhone... let's see: iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4.... yes, let's name it iPhone 5!!! Brilliant!!

It is possible that Sony just decided to make an 8MP camera for Apple, just in case they wanted to look at it... but unlikely.

Apple recently stated they would be discussing operating systems at their WWDC in San Francisco this June, but they made no mention of new hardware. My bet is they will wait until late summer to unveil the iPhone 5, staggering their news!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sold Out

The WWDC event being held in San Francisco - Moscone West, sold out in under 12 hours! At $1600 a ticket, there are a lot of people who bought quickly as anyone who waited missed an opportunity to attend Apple's big yearly event.

The WWDC usually sells out, but to do so in less than half a day, as opposed to two weeks, is quite impressive. Let's hope the event is just as impressive.

Monday, March 28, 2011

WWDC 2011

Apple's yearly Worldwide Developers Conference has been announced for June 6-10 in San Francisco. Reading their announcement, they invite potential attendees to "a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X" but make no mention of any new hardware. We know they will be showcasing software but will they be unveiling the iPhone 5? There is no lack of speculation in that department but with the iPhone 4 still relatively new and the iPad 2 just out, maybe they will be waiting until fall for new hardware announcements.

The 5-day event costs $1600... $320/day for those still counting with their fingers! Add airfare from wherever you might be, hotels and restaurants, and it's going to cost at least a few grand to attend. But wow, what a show it would be - AGAIN!

I don't think Apple has ever disappointed attendees at a WWDC.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPad 2

Dual-core processor
Improved graphics performance
Front and back cameras (with FaceTime)
1024 X 768 resolution
9.7 inch screen size
0.34 inches thin
1.33 lbs
iOS 4.3 software
16GB, 32GB and 64GB options
Available in black or white

So you may notice a few changes from the original iPad to the iPad2, apart from the facts that it is thinner (by 33%) and lighter (by up to 15%). The new glass screen is also thinner, and reportedly stronger too with it's increased flexibility.

Apple added front and back cameras to the iPad2 featuring HD video and FaceTime, which can be used with Skype. FaceTime debuted with the iPhone4.

You will also notice that all the buttons controlling volume, mute and orientation lock are now located behind the device. Now you are only looking at the home button. The battery has the same 10 hour lifespan, and the speakers, though designed differently, sound roughly the same.

With the new Apple dual-core A5 chip in the iPad2, everything will be faster, thinner and lighter!

So whether you are buying your first iPad, or upgrading from the original iPad, the new iPad2 definitely Kicks Butt!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Familiar Ringtone

Most of us are familiar with the stock ringtone we get with our iPhones. How often have you been in a public place, like a supermarket line-up, and you hear that familiar ringtone that comes on the standard iPhone setting and you reach into your pocket to grab the phone, but it isn't yours that's ringing! Or you wonder why the person beside you hasn't answered it yet and you realize later that you missed a call.

I often leave my iPhone on vibrate so I feel it ringing in my back pocket, on my hip or in my jacket. This way I'm the only one that knows it ringing. I also started assigning unique ringtones to different people so I would know who's calling. For instance, when work phones it rings with a warning klaxon. Even my kids now know when it's work.

The funniest iPhone ringer story I have also involves the men's room. I was at the airport waiting for a flight and decided to make use of the men's room, since I'd just finished a rather large coffee. Standing at the farthest urinal, a gentlemen was seated in the stall to my right and I heard that oh-too-familiar iPhone ringtone go off.

If it had been me in that stall I would likely have silenced the phone and called the person back a few minutes later. This gentlemen decided to answer the call "Bob Stevens" (not his real name). I did the only reasonable think I could think of doing. I pulled the urinal's flush handle and held it for about ten seconds so the caller would have no doubt where Bob was and what he was doing!

It reminds me of a free game called Bathroom Simulator, made by BigFat Simulations. In fact, many times when I enter a men's room and have to make a decision about which urinal to choose from, I think of that game.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPhone 5

When I was one of the first to get the iPhone 3GS, I was thrilled!!! I had the latest and greatest smartphone available at the time. I could even take videos, which I liked to show to poor iPhone 3G owners "... nah nah nah, I have the 3GS...." Then the iPhone 4 came out and I felt left out. Playing with the iPhone 4, I was expecting more... but apart from the shape change, it didn't seem different enough from the 3GS.

Now there is talk about the iPhone 5 and what it might be like.

-The iPhone 5 doesn't exist yet!
-...I guess that's it for facts

-The iPhone 5 is similar in shape and size to the iPhone 4 but has a larger screen
-It has a metallic back
-The iPhone 5 will debut a the Apple's WWDC in the summer

Top Ten KickButt requests for the iPhone:
10. It will still fit into my back pocket
9. It will have an unbreakable screen
8. It will email me its location if it determines I've lost it
7. It will float - don't ask!
6. It will correct incorrect words, but not when I'm trying to spell it that way
5. The batter will NEVER die
4. It will have less embarrassing ringtones
3. The alarm will work jan 2 and 3 (software issue) sorry boss!
2. My kids won't understand it better than I do
1. I get it first!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AutoCorrect issues

Haven't we all have an issue with AutoCorrect not placing the correct word when we want it to. This usually occurs if it is an unusual word or not a real word. Sometimes we make a typing mistake, which is easy to do with the iPhone, and the AutoCorrect feature places a word more closely matched to what we accidently typed. Some of those mistakes can be embarrassing to say the least.

If you try type in the name Irene, you get urine, which as you can imagine might get interesting. Another might be suggesting you "invite" a friend, but the text comes out "knife" a friend.

There is an iPhone hack app, available at Cydia Store, that turns your iPhone's AutoCorrect into ManualCorrect. It does the opposite. If the app thinks a word is spelled incorrectly, is shows what it thinks is the correct word, that you can then tap to correct, otherwise it leaves it alone.

This app definitely Licks Butt... I mean, Kicks... KICKS butt! careful now!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blackberry Playbook

Research in motion has just released some details about their new tablet called the Playbook. As suspected, the Playbook is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions. The 7 inch Wi-Fi device is priced to compete with the iPad2, matching the same prices per GB of storage, but is smaller than Apple's 9.7 inch device. It might be a tough entry into the market for RIM trying to catch up with Apple and the proven success of its iPad models. From what I've read, the Playbook doesn't contain a dedicated email, contacts or calendar, as the iPad does.

Further concern for both RIM and Apple, might be Samsung's 8.9 inch Android Honeycomb Tablet, which will be selling for less than the two previous devices. Or, matching Rim and Apple's price, the 10.1 Galaxy Tab is larger and thinner yet!

Just as the smartphone industry competition started heating up a couple of years ago (with iPhone, Blackberry and Android) now the tablet market is doing just the same. It's interesting how RIM, Apple, Google and others are able to create a device and the competitive market so quickly!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Research In Motion - Tablet

Research In Motion is expected to announce this week when they will officially be launching their new Tablet. Recently, RIM's Blackberry has lost market share to other smartphones such as Apple's iPhone and smartphones operating on Google's Android OS.

RIM is expecting to gain back some high-tech market share with the introduction of the Tablet to compete directly with Apple's iPad2, with similar features, memory and price.

We are still waiting for the details but it looks like the Tablet will be offered in 16, 32 and 64 GB versions.

Stay tuned...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

RunKeeper Pro

I've blogged before about some iPhone apps that combine the latest technology with sports, such as skiing, biking or running. I've recently been playing with an App called RunKeeper Pro (available on most smartphones) that is one of the best sports app products I've seen recently.

Like many other apps, this one will measure distance travelled (using the iPhone's GPS) and run timing in many different ways. It includes all the goodies like audio cues based on time or distance and it can display current pace or speed, or average pace or speed. There is also a timer feature, interval setting and the ability to show calories burned during each activity.

At first I was a little hesitant when it required me to generate an account by entering my email and a password, but after a little investigating I found out why. The app features a section called "sharing settings" whereas you can share your activities and route maps via RunKeeper Live, Twitter or Facebook - or all three! You can easily check past activities for comparison.

Another couple of neat features are a few icons displayed allowing you to set the orientation of the device and take photos. the app also connects to your iPod part of the iPhone for playing music. It really is an all-in-one program making this a real Kick Butt iPhone application.

I recall seeing the app for $9.99, but it's currently on sale for 100% off - free is good!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Geiger Counter

With the recent events in Japan and the concerns of radiation leaks from their nuclear reactors, it got me wondering if there were any good iPhone applications applicable to the topic. I realize it wouldn't be possible to turn your iPhone into a Geiger Counter, but I was hoping to find a good app that would at least show radiation levels drawn in real-time from stations around the world.

I didn't have much luck finding an iPhone app that fit the bill of what I was looking for. There are a couple of good websites that show this though. Check out AggNuke for a representation of radiation levels within Japan, and RadNet for levels within North America. I'll keep looking for other worldwide locations. They both count CPM (radiation counts per minute) which is quite simplified. Anything over 100 is considered an alert phase.

I did find a gag app for the iPhone that looks and acts like a Geiger Counter that you control by tilting your iPhone. Just tilt your device and trick your friends into thinking they might be radioactive. Geiger Counter - Radiation gag is available at the iTunes store for just $0.99

I have a friend or two this will be worth using on!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I've commented about some other great iPhone games and applications offered before by Fluik Entertainment, and like those, Gunner Galaxies is worth downloading. This iPhone app is free at iTunes. Instead of paying for a good quality app with fantastic graphics, the game is offered for free (which is a great game just on its own) and there on in-game purchases available for those who want more out of the experience.

What I like about this is the ability to play the game for free and see first hand whether I want to buy extra features or continue playing an already fun, fast-paced, addictive game.

I found a great review of the game here, at 148 Apps. They have some other great articles and reviews too!

Fluik Entertainment is the same company that developed Cool Spell, Gunner and Bubble Rainbow. Fluik also teamed up with Big Fat Simulations to bring the already successful Airport Madness series of games to the iPhone and iPad platforms.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

$999.99 iPhone App

It's so easy to make an iPhone app purchase for $0.99 and think nothing of it. It's less expensive than a coffee even. Getting a couple little apps and songs each week might add up, but considering the cost of the iPhone and plan, it really isn't that much more.

Surfing the iTunes store, as I do on a regular basis, I came an iPhone application that was a little more pricy than most out there. BarMax is designed to help students pass the bar exam. No, not the drinks serving kind, but the LAW kind. It's loaded with questions from previous exams and on the iPhone makes a neat little platform for studying.

I must have looked at it too quickly because all I saw at first was the 99 cents and I was all too willing to buy it. I was a little shocked when I noticed the iPhone application was actually $999.99. Wow, a grand for an app!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Texting mistakes

We've all made the occasional typing mistake in an email or text message, and usually the iPhone is great at catching these and changing anything close to the word into the proper spelling. This is a good thing... most of the time. Sometimes, it's quite disastrous.

If you mistyped a message to your sweety and your text to her came out as "you are such a sweaty!" she might not get the warm fuzzy feeling. Neither would she like a message saying you'd "like to die with her tonight," as opposed to "dine" with her.

These are a few examples of some iPhone text mistakes you can find at DAMN YOU AUTO CORRECT which has many hilarious mistakes for your reading pleasure. I bet you can't read much without laughing historically... I mean hysterically.

I've never done anything quite that bad on my iPhone yet, but I've had a few silly ones!