Monday, May 9, 2011

Battery Life

I don't know why, but we refer to our batteries as if they are living things. For example, when the chemicals in a battery that produce electrochemical reactions slow the process of creating negatively and positively charged electrons, instead of saying the power is low, we say "my battery is dying!" Doesn't this seem a bit dramatic. Once it runs "out of juice" completely we refer to it as "dead!" Again, this description seems a bit extreme to me. Usually when something is dead, it's dead forever and rarely does something that is dead end up working just fine after plugging it in for two hours.

Hang on a sec, I gotta plug in my laptop before the battery dies!

Ok, I'm back. Now battery power has been a major issue for all smartphones since they were first created. The massive power and feature creep capabilities of the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices draws a lot of the energy packed into the limited space of the battery itself. While hardware developers work feverously to pack more electrical punch into a battery, software coders are working to make the apps more efficient and use less battery power so you don't end up with the "dead" battery situation.

Apple recently released iOS 4.3.3 which they claim will increase battery life. This comes after iOS 4.3, which was followed by plenty of reports that there was little to no change, and even some claims that the battery loses the battle of life even faster!

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