Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brand Value

It's amazing the value of a Brand Name. Often the brand insignia of an item is as valuable as the item itself. For example, if you made two identical shirts and placed a Nike swoosh on one, and a picture of me on the other, I'm sure the Nike item would sell for WAY more than double the item with the handsome picture on it.

Looking at the value of the top companies it's no surprise to see technology companies occupying the top few spots. What is surprising is how much a large company can increase it's worth in such a short time.

As you can see from the chart above, Apple has overtaken Google as the most valuable brand with a growth in value of 84% since last year. That makes Apple the world's most valuable company at over $153 Billion. Check out all those zeros $153,000,000,000. Google slides down to the number two spot at $111 Billion and IBM is number 3 at $101 Billion. Microsoft is number 5 at $78 Billion.

Interesting to note is how these numbers compare the the world's wealthiest people. Bill Gates is the world's second richest person at $58 Billion and Warren Buffet is number three at an even $50 Billion. The wealthiest person in the world is from Mexico, Carlos Slim at $74 Billion.

I'm sure if Apple decided to make a line of clothing and placed their little Apple brand insignia on each item it would be the hottest selling clothing line instantly. They could even design all the pockets to perfectly hold Apple items such as the iPhone and iPad.

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