Monday, May 2, 2011

Canada Election Day Eh!

Today, May 2nd 2011, Canadians will elect their 41st Prime Minister. In actuality, they will be electing members to the House of Commons that make up the Canadian Parliament, and hence the Prime Ministership.

I was doing some searching for iPhone apps that might be useful for anyone wanting background info or the latest news and election results. I was quite surprised at how little was available. There are some strict rules about publishing election results but I at least expected more information about polls and from the political parties themselves.

Here are the apps I found from the political parties and their leaders:
Green Party - Elizabeth May
NDP - Jack Layton

Here are few other apps from the Canadian Media covering the election:
Canada Elections
My Politics
Globe Politics

In a world of Twitter, Skype, Texting, Facebook, Email, Apps and a plethora of other at-your-fingertips technology, I really was expecting more. The Canada Elections App and the Globe Politics App both seem pretty good, but not great!

If you are having a really sleepless night and have $10 burning a hole in your pajama pocket, buy Prime Ministers of Canada, and you will have more info than you could possibly ever want!

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  1. I looked also but could only find iphone applications for Jack Layton (NDP) and Elizabeth May (Green Party of Canada). What a shame that there isn't more being done on these types of forums. I think the other leaders are behind the times, in more ways than one!