Sunday, May 1, 2011

White is thicker than Black

I've been joking all week about how the new White iPhone 4 is just that... an iPhone 4 in white... everything else just the same. Well... looks like there is a small difference between the two. Apparently the White iPhone 4, is .2mm thicker than the Black iPhone 4. (Go ahead and insert a joke here)

.2mm (millimeters) is less than 0.008 of an inch!

I heard a few rumors giving explanation as to why the White iPhone 4 is thicker and here they are in no particular order:

5. Fixes the antennae problem they've had
4. Blocks light entering the phone around the white plastic
3. White plastic is thicker
4. The controversy will increase sales
5. The white wants to be thicker!!!

Whatever the reason, sales of the White iPhone 4 are strong. Now let's get back to getting out the iPhone 5!

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