Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cracked iPhone Screen

After three years and three different variations of iPhones, I actually damaged one. I dropped it on the road and it cracked the screen - OUCH! I can still see whats underneath but it doesn't look pretty.

To be honest, it's not the first time I've dropped it. Many times I've expected to see damage only to be pleasantly surprised by the iPhone's sturdiness, which I might add feels much stronger than some of the other smartphones out there. But this time, the surprise resulted in a knot in my stomach as I realized it truly was cracked, and badly.

Thankfully mine wasn't this bad!!!

The funny thing was I wanted to post a picture here, so I took a quick screenshot that I could post later showing the damage. I guess I was still a bit shocked by the damage because I had forgotten that the screenshot would only show what's under the glass, not the actual image as I saw it looking at the iPhone.

It remineded me of a story from a long time ago when I met a girl on a boat when I was a teenager. We were looking over the railing having a great conversation until she questioned how high up the side of the boat the water would get during a really high tide. duh.....


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