Saturday, April 9, 2011

iPhone Battery Display - 110%

"American's give 110%. Europeans understand basic math!" I heard that somewhere once and found it funny. Funnier still because there's much truth there too! Americans tend to give things everything they've got. And Europeans seem to stick to fact with exacting measurements. I guess thats why I like them both, for different reasons.

So I was recharging my iPhone the other day, like I do every day, and I forgot I left it charing overnight. The next day, surprise, surprise, it read 100% charged. I plugged the iPhone into the Auxiliary port in the car and played some tunes for about 30 minutes on my drive to work, read a few emails and even made a phone call. When I got to work the iPhone battery display still showed 100%. So it got me wondering how they measure this, and is 100% truly fully charged or can we charge it beyond this point, where it doesn't show anything above 100%. Maybe it should show 110%, Apple being an American company after all - ha ha.

I've also noticed that at the lower range, below 50%, the battery percentage drops more quickly than in the higher range. I'll do some digging around for more info but its' got me thinking that maybe that little % number doesn't really mean much at all. I might just go back to the basic power display green bar.

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