Monday, April 25, 2011

Groupon iPhone app

When I was a kid it was always an adventure to go visit our grandparent's house. The seemed to collect everything. A few things I will never forget though; the bowl of matches on the coffee table, and the large shoebox filled with coupons. They used coupons for everything. I think their whole shopping experience revolved around what coupons they had and where they could save money. Over the years I'm sure they spent more on gas than they saved by driving to four different places to get the shopping done.

I hate coupons. I hate flyers. And I hate carrying extra pieces of paper in my pocket. I NEVER carry any coupons with me. One App I do like is the Groupon app (free of course). Essentially you type in your city, or let it do so automatically, and check out the deals around you. If you are going to a place that has an offer, just buy the coupon (groupon) as you would online, and you save on your purchase.

Now if I could only talk my grandparents into getting an iPhone...

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