Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Radar Chaos Game

I've written before about some great games made by Big Fat Simulations such as the very popular Airport Madness series for the computer and the iPhone & iPad. They've also made Sky Madness, Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and Will it Fly? Well now Big Fat has just launched a totally new game called Radar Chaos.

A simple control interface makes the game easy for any novice player!

Radar Chaos looks to have taken the realism from some of their original games, such as ATC and Simulator, added some excitement and wow factor they created in Airport Madness, and blended them all together in this latest product. Radar Chaos is the most expensive product listed on Big Fat Simulation's website, but at $14.99 it is still a bargain compared to many other ATC type games that don't compare in quality and realism.

The game displays an Airline Satisfaction scale, a player progress status, and assigns a monetary value to how well they play!

The "Mountains" level is one of the most challenging!

There are 10 different levels available in Radar Chaos starting with four maze scenarios, then progressing to six advanced levels with enough uniqueness to keep a player entertained for a long time.

Here is a screenshot of the "Islands" level with six airports amidst volcanic mountains!

Radar Chaos is a fun and realistic radar-based air traffic control game and simulation. The player gets to control 400 square miles of airspace that surrounds each airport. Choose from easy to realistic settings and also whether you want to have emergencies or bad weather that includes lightning storms.

Probably one of the best aviation game packages available. Big Fat Simulations even has instructional videos describing how to play each level, although it's quite easy to pick up the basics. Radar Chaos seriously KICKS BUTT!!!

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  1. I noticed there is a demo version available on the site mentioned. Always nice to try for free first. Looks cool!