Friday, April 8, 2011


What the hell??? My last blog post (Wednesday) was about how far I've come in trusting my iPhone and using it as my morning alarm. I even joked about my old Timex watch. Well the next day, yesterday, my watch stopped. IT JUST STOPPED! I've had it not even two years and the damn thing stopped working at exactly 11:16 yesterday morning. I wasn't doing anything crazy at 11:16. In fact, I was proof-reading a report. Nothing that would stop a watch.

I spent the rest of the day pulling out my iPhone to check the time, and I've been doing the same today. What surprised me is how many other people do the same thing. Fewer and fewer people are wearing watches and are looking at their mobile devices to check the time. While my watch is in "the shop," I'll be one of those people in the Starbucks line pulling out my iPhone to check how much longer I have on my break. I wonder what the added risk is that I'll drop it now that I'm pulling it out many more times a day?

My watch (a Tissot) is probably worth as much as the iPhone, and although it looks fancy, I can't do nearly what my iPhone can. It got my wondering why I even have it. It doesn't even have an alarm. It just looks good. Maybe I should get the new iPod, put it on a wrist strap and wear that as my watch - it can definitely do more!

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