Tuesday, March 8, 2011

$999.99 iPhone App

It's so easy to make an iPhone app purchase for $0.99 and think nothing of it. It's less expensive than a coffee even. Getting a couple little apps and songs each week might add up, but considering the cost of the iPhone and plan, it really isn't that much more.

Surfing the iTunes store, as I do on a regular basis, I came an iPhone application that was a little more pricy than most out there. BarMax is designed to help students pass the bar exam. No, not the drinks serving kind, but the LAW kind. It's loaded with questions from previous exams and on the iPhone makes a neat little platform for studying.

I must have looked at it too quickly because all I saw at first was the 99 cents and I was all too willing to buy it. I was a little shocked when I noticed the iPhone application was actually $999.99. Wow, a grand for an app!

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