Thursday, March 24, 2011

iPhone 5

When I was one of the first to get the iPhone 3GS, I was thrilled!!! I had the latest and greatest smartphone available at the time. I could even take videos, which I liked to show to poor iPhone 3G owners "... nah nah nah, I have the 3GS...." Then the iPhone 4 came out and I felt left out. Playing with the iPhone 4, I was expecting more... but apart from the shape change, it didn't seem different enough from the 3GS.

Now there is talk about the iPhone 5 and what it might be like.

-The iPhone 5 doesn't exist yet!
-...I guess that's it for facts

-The iPhone 5 is similar in shape and size to the iPhone 4 but has a larger screen
-It has a metallic back
-The iPhone 5 will debut a the Apple's WWDC in the summer

Top Ten KickButt requests for the iPhone:
10. It will still fit into my back pocket
9. It will have an unbreakable screen
8. It will email me its location if it determines I've lost it
7. It will float - don't ask!
6. It will correct incorrect words, but not when I'm trying to spell it that way
5. The batter will NEVER die
4. It will have less embarrassing ringtones
3. The alarm will work jan 2 and 3 (software issue) sorry boss!
2. My kids won't understand it better than I do
1. I get it first!

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