Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPad 2

Dual-core processor
Improved graphics performance
Front and back cameras (with FaceTime)
1024 X 768 resolution
9.7 inch screen size
0.34 inches thin
1.33 lbs
iOS 4.3 software
16GB, 32GB and 64GB options
Available in black or white

So you may notice a few changes from the original iPad to the iPad2, apart from the facts that it is thinner (by 33%) and lighter (by up to 15%). The new glass screen is also thinner, and reportedly stronger too with it's increased flexibility.

Apple added front and back cameras to the iPad2 featuring HD video and FaceTime, which can be used with Skype. FaceTime debuted with the iPhone4.

You will also notice that all the buttons controlling volume, mute and orientation lock are now located behind the device. Now you are only looking at the home button. The battery has the same 10 hour lifespan, and the speakers, though designed differently, sound roughly the same.

With the new Apple dual-core A5 chip in the iPad2, everything will be faster, thinner and lighter!

So whether you are buying your first iPad, or upgrading from the original iPad, the new iPad2 definitely Kicks Butt!

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