Saturday, March 19, 2011

Geiger Counter

With the recent events in Japan and the concerns of radiation leaks from their nuclear reactors, it got me wondering if there were any good iPhone applications applicable to the topic. I realize it wouldn't be possible to turn your iPhone into a Geiger Counter, but I was hoping to find a good app that would at least show radiation levels drawn in real-time from stations around the world.

I didn't have much luck finding an iPhone app that fit the bill of what I was looking for. There are a couple of good websites that show this though. Check out AggNuke for a representation of radiation levels within Japan, and RadNet for levels within North America. I'll keep looking for other worldwide locations. They both count CPM (radiation counts per minute) which is quite simplified. Anything over 100 is considered an alert phase.

I did find a gag app for the iPhone that looks and acts like a Geiger Counter that you control by tilting your iPhone. Just tilt your device and trick your friends into thinking they might be radioactive. Geiger Counter - Radiation gag is available at the iTunes store for just $0.99

I have a friend or two this will be worth using on!!!


  1. Check out this iPhone app, it might be what you were looking for. It links to many live radiation networks worldwide and is not a gag app... EcoData: Radiation

  2. Or try this one with a digital readout:

    Digital Geiger Counter