Wednesday, March 23, 2011

AutoCorrect issues

Haven't we all have an issue with AutoCorrect not placing the correct word when we want it to. This usually occurs if it is an unusual word or not a real word. Sometimes we make a typing mistake, which is easy to do with the iPhone, and the AutoCorrect feature places a word more closely matched to what we accidently typed. Some of those mistakes can be embarrassing to say the least.

If you try type in the name Irene, you get urine, which as you can imagine might get interesting. Another might be suggesting you "invite" a friend, but the text comes out "knife" a friend.

There is an iPhone hack app, available at Cydia Store, that turns your iPhone's AutoCorrect into ManualCorrect. It does the opposite. If the app thinks a word is spelled incorrectly, is shows what it thinks is the correct word, that you can then tap to correct, otherwise it leaves it alone.

This app definitely Licks Butt... I mean, Kicks... KICKS butt! careful now!

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