Friday, September 11, 2009

Apples to Oranges

I can just picture the irony if a company like Microsoft designed a phone & OS and called it all the Orange. We could truly compare Apples to Oranges!

There has been so much talk (arguing) recently about who's better, faster and more equipped... you get the point! The fact is, Apple's iPhone has a tremendous lead at the moment with it's huge number of applications. They are at the height of their growth curve. RIM might have more Blackberry devices on the market than Apple has iPhones, but we all know who the popular girl at school is right now. I love to love my iPhone and praise it whenever I can, but deep down I know there are other options plowing there way to a purchase near you in the not-so-distant future.

The Palm Pre and the Android OS are two that stand out in my mind as leading contenders that will become a rather large thorn in the Butt for Apple. Even though Google's introduction of the Android OS didn't fire on all cylinders as some might have expected, it is different enough from Apple (open source license vs not) that those who feel fed up with the iPhone and application limitations will feel very comfortable with Android.The smartphone industry is interesting indeed. It's the new Coke vs Pepsi, McDonalds vs BurgerKing, or VHS vs Beta (for those who are old enough to know what I'm talking about). Seeing two guys discussing the merits of why they selected the mobile device they did is the only time you will ever hear them argue that "mine is smaller than yours!"


  1. Hey, I had a Beta machine long ago. It was superior technology at the time.

    The only constant is that things will change... and I agree that as wonderful as the iPhone is today, one day it will seem old, outdated and slow compared to something new that we probably haven't even heard of yet.


  2. I remember my first cell phone and how incredible I thought it was. Now my iPhone has 64 times the memory of my first computer, does far more than my first cell phone. In constant $ my new iPhone is considered a bargain compared to what I paid for earlier technologies.

    It's hard to imagine that one day I will look back and consider iPhone a dinosaur, but the fact is it will become dated... One day!