Thursday, September 3, 2009

iPhone Curling

Maybe it's just me but some sports hardly seem to qualify as a sport. Soccer is a sport, hockey is a sport and skiing is a sport too. Curling??? I just don't know. I'm not sure it takes great endurance or peak physical shape to be good at the sport. Basically you have to have good hand-eye coordination, not mind being cold, have lots of patience and be a coffee drinker. Did I miss anything?

For those that enjoy the "sport" there is an iPhone application available at iTunes for $3 called Age of Curling. It uses realtime 3D graphics, which means it looks great. Using your iPhone or iPod touch you can throw, curl and sweep the stone and be the best in the world... of iPhone curling at least! This app lets you play against the computer or another player. It even has some realistic collision sounds when the stones hit.

Thankfully, we are a long way off from iPhone gaming become an Olympic event! But if you enjoy Curling and would like a simple game for the iPhone, this might be good for you.

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