Monday, September 14, 2009

Canadian iTunes store all about Skype!

It looks like a bug with the release of iPhone OS 3.1 because when I search the categories section of the Canadian iTunes store, I get nothing but the Skype icon instead of the categories. If I click on the icons they all go to the same games section.

Since it's been that way since the beginning of the weekend i figure there must be an explanation. Here is my top ten reasons why it's doing this:

10. Skype has bought Apple
9. Steve Jobs just discovered Skype
8. Skype is paying Apple huge advertising $
7. Apple forgot to pay one of their key employees
6. Bin Laden is up to his tricks again
5. it's just me and no-one else knows what I'm talking about
4. Someone watched Linsey Lohen on iTunes and fried the whole system
3. George Bush is doing it - still pushing the conspiracies!
2. Apple kissed Skype and they liked it
1.. Just blame Bill Gates

I like the Skype app, but I want to see all the other categories still too! let's hope they work through the top reasons and find the solution soon so we can get back to reviewing some Kick Butt iphone applications.


  1. It looks like Apple has finally fixed the iTunes App store with the Skype icons appearing everywhere!

    Maybe Skype built the app on purpose to do that. Nice little advertising to get it kick-started.

    Nice top 10 list btw. Have you send it to David Letterman?

  2. I hadn't considered sending it to David L.

    Yes they finally got it all sorted out. Nice little bit of free advertising for Skype though.

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