Monday, September 7, 2009

Mobile Me - Part 4 (Find my iPhone)

I have several friends who have lost their iPhones, or had then stolen from them. MobileMe has a great feature that allows you to find your iPhone from any computer. It shows the approximate location on a map to easily "remember" if you've left it at the office, the gym or at the kid's school.

There is also the capability to send a message to your phone for the finder to read. Type something like "honey I left my phone in your car, I'll get it from you at lunch." Or maybe "Please call me at ### if you find my phone - reward offered!" You can even play a sound on the iPhone to override the silent setting if you've lost it in the laundry and you can't find it by simply phoning it. I can see this feature being very helpful.

As a last resort, with MobileMe you can also erase all the data you've loaded on your iPhone remotely. If you have important messages, email, contacts or photos that are personal in nature, and you've lost your iPhone, you can wipe these with the option to restore with MobileMe if you find your iPhone later.

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  1. Lisa...girl with the miniSeptember 8, 2009 at 1:05 PM

    This is great for me. Not because I have lost my phone or stupidly left it somewhere that a jerk could steal it, but because I'm forever putting it down somewhere in my apartment and then I can't find it. Because of my work I always have the phone on silent so being able to still send an audible alarm to it will help me locate it under laundry, books, my cat... whatever.

    A question: On my 3GS there is a physical button above the volume control that silents. If I use that will the alarm still ring through?