Friday, September 4, 2009

Geared for iPhone

Do you enjoy puzzles and mind teasers? Maybe you were a Tetris fanatic as a kid? There is a new iPhone application called Geared. This new innovative puzzle lets you place gears in between one moving and one stationary gear, with the goal being to make them all turn. You just need to place the correct sizes in such ways that they all connect. There is an infinite number of choices you can make to reach success.

I found the app frustrating at first because I wasn't very good at it. I'm sure the kids will teach me later. If found after about 5 or 10 minutes I got the hang of what they were after. There are 80 levels offered in this app which range from the absurdly easy to what I'm quite convinced is impossible to achieve, at least for me. There are sounds effects as you play, or you have the option to listen to your own music while you rack your brain trying to figure out the more challenging levels. I'm thinking... ACDC!

This app is more addictive than I thought it would be and now that I've put it down, I can still see gears turning everywhere I look. Maybe this is a sign of a successful app that you can get at iTunes for just 99 cents.

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