Sunday, September 13, 2009

Swiss army knife of iPhone Applications

Like most people, I enjoy playing the occasional game on my iPhone or the peace and quiet it gives me while the kids play on it during the drive to school. Often I find a game that I will play almost daily and then either delete the app completely or move it to the last page where it will stay until I need more space. Kind of like piling up dirty laundry I guess.

Sometimes I come across an iPhone app that is something I might not use on a regular basis but I will likely keep for the life of the cell phone - this is usually a utility or tool type of application. AppBox Pro looks like an application that might meet become both of these. This fantastic iphone app lets you choose what you see at start-up. The app includes 18 configurable different apps all in one package. Some of these you might have and some you might not. For 99 cents it's a good deal.

Here's what you get:
> Battery Life
> Clinometer(Inclinometer) - Surface/Bubble Level
> Currency Converter - 195 Currencies
> Date Calculator
> Days Until(Countdown)
> Flashlight(Torch)
> Holidays - 83 Countries
> Loan Calculator
> Periodic Calculator
> Price Grab
> Random Number
> Ruler
> Sale Price
> System Info
> Tip Calculator
> Translator
> Unit Converter - 17 Categories, 357 Units
> Web Apps Links

The battery app-within-an-app is far more advanced that the basic percentage indicator now available on the 3GS.

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  1. Most of this stuff you can already get for free, but I guess for a buck it's not a bad application considering you get it all together.

    Best feature appears to be the battery info with time left based on what usage is.