Sunday, September 6, 2009

iFitness for iPhone

It is generally accepted that going to the gym, running or any form of exercise if good for your health. Doing the running is easy. Put on some runners and away you go. I learned that when I was three. What I find difficult is going to the gym. I can get all ready, wear all the right work-out clothing, take a water bottle, have some music and... when I get to the gym I look at all the equipment and I don't have a clue where to start.

One answer is to hire a personal trainer, which ultimately (and expensively) is probably the best thing to do. I've been looking at an iPhone application recently which is far more affordable and might be the answer for people like me who don't know where to start. The app has been around for a while but it is constantly being updated on iTunes.

iFitness is a great app for only $2. It has an exercise database loaded with real pictures and videos which give instructions on how to perform a workout. There are also drawings showing the muscles used in certain exercises. The app lets you design a custom workout and track your progress.

There are plenty of workout/exercise applications out there but so far I'm most impressed with this one. It is well rated by it's users and a majority of the reviews are very positive. The fact that is has been quickly updated when a bug has been found is also very impressive. The real pictures of people doing the exercises is much better than the stick drawings I've seen on many others.

This great iPhone app will definitely help you Kick Butt, starting with your own!


  1. Nice app! Most fitness apps have some pics which are difficult to see with no to little explanation - mostly just a workout plan. I like how this has the software plan for the workout and good quality pictures of how to do each exercise.

    I don't usually take my iPhone to the gym but I guess I could play music on it while working out.

  2. I just wish the iPhone application would do the workout for me.

    Nice of them to use pictures of me in their app. yeah right!

  3. Wow, that's you? Are you on roids??

  4. Yeah they were worried my muscles were too big for the tiny iPhone display so I even had to tone down a bit to look normal.

    Nice app though!