Friday, August 7, 2009

Facebook for iPhone

An iPhone application I find myself using more and more these days is Facebook. I'm not a social networking addict, but I do like to check up on friends and see what they are doing throughout the day. By selecting the Facebook icon on my iPhone, it quickly brings up the page and I see the latest notifications, messages and and news feeds. Because it's on my own cell phone, I don't worry about logging off, like I do on a work PC.

Social networking websites have become a way of life. A norm if I may. Facebook, Myspace, Classmates, Bebo, Twitter... they have all become a forum through which we communicate. As an example, I got stuck in an elevator the other day (only for a few minutes) and afterwards people asked what I did. Oddly enough the first thing I did was update my Facebook status explaining that I was stuck in an elevator at floor 3 1/2. You see I had my iPhone out anyway checking the weather forecast for the weekend and so... it just seemed like the prudent thing to do!

Using this iPhone app I quickly find out what I want and end up spending less time on the actual Facebook site. I'm not sure this is how they would want the app being used but it works for me.

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