Sunday, August 2, 2009

Word Checker

Have you ever heard someone say a word that you question whether or not is real? Maybe you have played a board game (that rhymes with Scribble) and you weren't sure if the letters you put down make a word or just sound like a bowel movement. Well now you can use your iPhone to determine if a word is real or not.

Is That A Word was launched as an iPhone application a few months ago on the iTunes site. For just 99 cents, this little app makes a great companion for games or just checking if the words your boss or friends use are real.

The maker of this game, Devare, also has a bunch of other iPhone apps such as a Word Play, a TV show tracker, Sudoku, a translator and Hollywood Trivia.

So go download this iPhone app and check if QUINOA is a real word!

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