Saturday, August 15, 2009

iPhone app for the great outdoors

I love the outdoors but I'm not much of a hiker. One of my biggest fears, apart from coming across a bear, would be getting lost. With an application called GPS Kit, I could now venture out into nature with little fear of losing my way. This iPhone app has full-featured maps with caching, real-time GPS readouts, and track & waypoint recording and sharing capabilities. You can view your track, heading and waypoints on street, topographical and satellite maps. This app also allows you to measure the distances easily with your finger on the iPhone.

I've played with a huge number of GPS applications designed mostly for the iPhone, and this is by far the best app I have seen for a true outdoors person. On your iPhone you can personalize the app dashboard to see the data of your choice and in what units you want to see it. You can view your moving time, stopped time and average speed. The app also has an advanced compass that works if you have the iPhone 3GS.

Now if someone could just make an iPhone application that was an electronic bear repellant, I'd be all set to go!


  1. Can I use the iPhone application in IKEA when my wife drags me there on Saturdays?

  2. Further to my blog about this app:

    I gave it another test on a trail biking route. It was great, up until I lost a signal because of our remote location behind the mountains in an area with no cell signal.

    OK, not perfect but pretty good so far!

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