Saturday, August 1, 2009

She's having a baby!

This is an iPhone application made for men, but I suspect some women may be the ones purchasing the app for their man. mPregnancy - for Men is an application for men with a pregnant partner.

Women often have difficulty getting their partners to read many of the dozens of pregnancy books that they must buy so they know exactly what to do when that precious little child arrives. This nice little iPhone app is a discrete way for men to learn about the baby on the way and what changes to expect from their pregnant partner.

There are great illustrations of how the baby develops and describes the size in terms that men understand, in a humorous way. The app also shows the baby's gestational age, the trimester and due date on a display that looks like a speedometer. Men can instantly understand the data they are looking at.

For any men who find the idea of caring for a baby too big a jump I suggest starting off with a lower level of responsibility and working their way up. Consider it training for the real thing.

For just 99 cents, you can download Pet Rock and see how you do caring for a chunk of calcium carbonate. The pet rock does have three different moods to deal with.

You also have the option to view your pet rock in either portrait or landscape mode! This is about as low maintenance as it gets. After a few weeks of rock caring, you could get a plant.

On a serious note I do have a few tips for new parents to be:

Moms: sleep, sleep, sleep. Whenever the baby is asleep, you sleep. Don't worry about laundry, cleaning or food - that is your partner's job now for a while.

Dads: your job is to support your partner, do what she asks and shut up when she doesn't ask you to do anything. Also, before the baby is born, get her a gift for all the hard work she's done. Give it to her sometime after the baby is born.

Good luck!

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