Thursday, August 20, 2009

Make great drinks with iPhone app!

Have you ever noticed the most popular person at a good party is the one who knows how to make all the fancy drinks, what to call them, and uses all the cool words like Dash and Aperitif? Well now you can be that cool person, iPhone in hand and people by your side.

Here is a great iPhone application for people who like fancy drinks but, like me, have no idea how to make them or what they are called. Mixology is described as the "ultimate drink recipe and bartending guide," and I believe it! The great app lets you search all drinks or search by category. You can even browse by ingredient if you have a bottle of something neat looking but have no idea what to add to it. There is a section to save your favorites which I imagine could become quite extensive after a while. This excellent app even helps you find the closest liquor store using the GPS feature of your iPhone. I did some testing of this feature on my 3GS and it worked extremely well - too well in fact!

Another cool feature of this great app is the Liquor Cabinet, where you keep an inventory of what you've got hidden under the bed... I mean in the liquor cabinet. There is also a random drink selector which looks similar to the Urbanspoon concept. Lastly, the app has a bartending guide that covers everything from appropriate glassware to bartending tips & tricks. It even gives you the proper terminology to use so you will sound like you know what you're doing.

The free app has small ads, but iTunes sells the full version without ads for just 99 cents. This fantastic app is another great tool available to you wherever you go. You just need to carry your iPhone with you, and why wouldn't you?


  1. Now that is an iPhone application I would like to have at a party. Someone needs to sync it with a social networking party application as a package and it would be the #1 app on iTunes!!!

  2. Check one more iphone drink & party app.