Monday, August 10, 2009

Google Earth for iPhone

Google has dominated much of the web and PC world for years, and more recently, introduced their own smart phone (the Android). As well as making applications for this incredible mobile device, Google has developed some of the best iPhone apps available.

I've used Google Earth on my Mac since introduced, but I just downloaded it to my iPhone and it's awesome. When I opened the application it found my location with the GPS feature. By my best calculation, it missed my location by 12 feet. I was surprised how clearly I could see after zooming in quite close.

A few cool features are the search option, the Panoramio layer and geo-located photos. There is a history for a quick find of previous searches which can also be erased. You can even view geo-located Wikipedia articles. The BEST feature on this Google iPhone app (sounds odd putting those together) is the Tilt option. Just tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain. This app takes full advantage of the GPS, gravity meter and 3 accelerometers built into the iPhone to give you a fantastic view of the high-resolution imagery Google has in the desktop version.

Google Earth works on the iPhone (2.0 or later) and the iPod touch and is a free application that Kicks Butt!

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