Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top Paid iPhone Apps

I just did an article about the top free iPhone apps available at the iTunes store for your iPhone or iPod touch. Now for you big spenders, here is a quick preview of the top paid iPhone apps. Again, this is what you get as the top apps from Apple's iTunes store, not my choices!

#1 is Civilization Revolution, where you are a leader from the dawn of man to the modern age! This top app lets you wage war against history's greatest leaders, inspire your nation and build the world's most powerful empire! You start by choosing from 16 civilizations throughout history and lead them to victory... all on your iPhone or iPod touch. For $9.99, this latest offering in the legendary award winning Sid Meier's Civilization series of strategy games is sure to please!

#2 is Moto X Mayhem, and the title describes it well. You drive a motorbike through 7 challenging levels. When I say "drive" I actually mean you climb near vertical hills and then basically drive off a cliff and hope you land on a downslope. This app lets you control the brakes and gas, and lean the biker forward and back to negotiate some wild terrain. I especially like the graphics and noises when the biker crashes. This best app kicks butt and is a bargain for just 99 cents.

#3 is Cartoon Wars also for 99 cents. Although fighting and war games really aren't my genre, this app is highly rated by those that buy it. The graphics appear quite good and there are plenty of different variables to entertain even a serious gamer. This top app is compatible with both iPhone and iPod touch.

It will be interesting to watch these current top apps from the iTunes store and see how they compare to new hot apps and the long running most popular apps. Stay tuned!


  1. That moto X is a sweet iPhone app. I would even say one of the best iPhone game apps, except I wish it had longer levels or more levels. Once you get all the way it gets a little dull

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