Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's Golf - for iPhone

I've never been a very good golfer, but I enjoy the sport immensely. If I'm not embarrassing myself, I'm sure to be frustrating my friends who push the limits of their patience waiting for me to finish a hole. I believe in using every tool available to help my game, which is why I did a blog article a month ago about a great iPhone application that might help my golf game.

If you've read any of my previous blogs, which I'm sure you all have, you already know that I enjoy combining useful iPhone apps with outdoor activities. Nature and technology coming together to make the most of an experience! I also enjoy a few well made games that simulate an activity, which brings me to Let's Golf. This is a fun iPhone app that is available at the iTunes store for only $2. Somewhat more affordable that a round of golf at a real course.

This app is designed in 3D which gives you a fantastic view of the ball as you drive it 194 yards towards the green. There are four courses of play and you get to choose between four different players, each with unique abilities. There is also a multiplayer mode available when your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network.

The maker of this cool app, Gameloft, has other mobile games available on smartphones and mobile devices. Check out what they have for the Blackberry, iPhone, iPod touch, Windows Mobile and the Android operating system. Now I need to go practice as my kids are already better than me at playing this great app.


  1. Looks like a fun iPhone game (application) but I don't think it will improve my play! Maybe after a bad of golfing I can play this and feel better. At least this application will only cost me 2 dollars.

  2. Maybe it would be better to improve your proper game instead of the imaginary one?

  3. This app still looks pretty fun, I might check it out. There are plenty of other applications however that will help you when you're actually on the course.