Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nil Points

Have you ever wanted to be a tennis star? Or, are you too lazy to get your butt off the couch, so much so that you your couch has what an author friend of mine calls an "ass groove"? Well now you can combine both of these things with an iPhone application called Real Tennis 2009.

This excellent app lets you play against the best tennis players using your iPhone or iPod touch. Using the accelerometer, tilt and gravity functions of your Apple device, you intuitively serve the ball to your opponent. Use the multiplayer mode to test your skill against friends. There are 7 stadiums of play, on three different surfaces.

I found it took a few rounds of play on my iPhone to get the hang of serving and hitting, but it quickly became a very easy and addictive game. The graphics and sounds of this app further enhance the whole experience. Now I just need to learn the scoring system of tennis. When you start at zero, why do they call it Love?
"oh dear Love, you have nil points!"

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