Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flight & Hotel Search for iPhone

Kayak for the iPhone and iPod touch, connects to the best travel search engine in the world. This app lets you quickly find the best prices on airfares and hotels with your mobile device. You have the option of booking online or, using the iPhone, calling the airline or hotel directly if you need to reach a representative directly.

As you would find with the Kayak website, you can search many airline's websites at once, then choose the once that fits your price and time choice. Then it's a matter of easily booking the hotel.

Unlike some other travel applications available at the iTunes store, this iphone app is free! In a world of doing things on the fly, great apps like this make our busy and complicated lives a little easier.


  1. Although Kayak seems to do a search of all the sites, I've usually found Travelocity to have the best deals around.

    It looks like a great app for the iPhone. Will try it next time, but I usually just do it on my laptop and take advantage of the larger screen. I can't think of the last time I needed to book a flight with such short notice that I'd end up using my iPhone to do it.

    I try to use my iPhone and all the cool apps as much as possible but realistically some I still do from home or the office!


  2. I will be the first to admit you can't use technology to replace everything you do. I still use a paper calendar because of all the changes I made on a daily basis.

    I also appreciate that using a larger screen, like a laptop, is much easier that finding your way around the much smaller iPhone, even though you can stretch and move the display picture.

    But if you find yourself in a position of not having a laptop with you using your Blackberry, iPhone or Android mobile device can be pretty handy at times!

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