Sunday, July 19, 2009

Air Traffic Control app

Have you got the appetite for this iPhone application?

Air Traffic Controller 4.0
is an exciting app that gets more challenging with each level. There are departures that you must direct to the correct destination, arriving aircraft that you line up with the runway and overflight aircraft that must direct to the correct place on your iPhone screen. You can adjust their routes and speeds, but not the altitudes. While you are busy doing all this you can't let any aircraft get too close to any other aircraft. Your iPhone has never been under greater pressure before!

This iPhone app starts off pretty easy and gets busier as you go. There are even night and bad weather levels too. Try out the free lite version at iTunes first if the thought of controlling the friendly skies makes you queasy. The maker of this game, Lunagames, has done a good job of making an iPhone application that is simple to use but has enough graphics that it looks good too. They specialize in interactive mobile content and have made applications for the Android, Blackberry and iPhone.


  1. Sounds like work to me!!

  2. Hello ,
    Thanks for the blog.
    We are working hard on updates for atc 4.0
    To make it even better then it allready is.
    If you have comments , please tell us.

    Greetings Dennis