Saturday, July 18, 2009

Astronomy Application for iPhone

Planets is a free application that shows you what planets are visible, based on your location and time of day. Obviously when it’s light outside most won’t be visible but it does show where the Sun is, which most of us should be able to figure out. At night your iPhone becomes a planet finder. You can quickly find out how long each planet is visible and where to look in the sky to find it. When you click on Earth it shows what part is in darkness and what park is in light. You can also view and manipulate the other terrestrial planets; Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the gas giants; Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto doesn’t make the cut anymore, but just for fun, our little cousin the Moon is also included.

Just click on a planet and there is a wealth of information available such as distance from the Sun, Mass, Orbital Period, Number of Moons, Atmosphere and much more. You can even zoom into any planet on your iPhone or check out the backside of the moon. This great application provides a nice combination of entertainment and information. You can check out a few other projects made by Dana Peters and QContinuum Freeware. Enjoy!

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