Monday, July 27, 2009

Password Safe

It is absurd how many passwords we have these days. Email accounts, computers, bank accounts, credit card pin numbers, cell phones, voicemail, facebook, myspace, etc... Sometimes I worry that I will forget an important password just when I really need it. I already get some of them mixed up because they are all different. Apparently it is safer to forget just one at a time than all of them at once.

I found an free iPhone application that is great for holding your passwords. It is very easy to use and once you enter your... um... password, you get access to all the ones you locked away safely. This iPhone application, the Keeper, is described as a password and Data Vault. And it is just that! You can store your codes, secrets, passwords or whatever you like on your iPhone or iPod Touch. There is even a self destruct feature should you use the incorrect code too many times in a row. What a great little iPhone application to help us stay organized in a world that isn't!

Callpod, the maker of this iPhone app, also has a paid advanced version for synching with your PC.

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