Monday, July 27, 2009

Fake Caller

Have you ever had a long boring conversation where you wished for an interruption, a bad date you wish you could get out of, or an uncomfortable situation where a call on your cell phone would be a welcome surprise? Last April a company called Hot Potato launched an iPhone application that can help you out of these kinds of situations.

Fake Caller is a fantastic application that lets you set a timer or specific time for your iPhone to ring as if receiving a real call from a real person in your contact list, except there is nobody there when you answer. This way you can be as long as you want, and be as creative as you need to be to make up any excuse to get away from whatever, or whoever, you need to get away from.

This iPhone app lets you use fake a call anytime you need it. You could also receive many fake calls on your iPhone to impress somebody with how many friends you have, or impress a date by ignoring all those fake calls to focus on them only. Sales people can impress potential customers with how much business they get. Maybe Apple is calling about a new iPhone program you are creating for them? There are endless possibilities with this application on your iPhone.

Just 99 cents for the premium addition, or free for the basic version, this application is fun, simple and it works!!!

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  1. meetings are going to be short tomorrow :)