Thursday, July 30, 2009

GolfCard for iPhone

GolfCard is a great iPhone application for anyone that has an iPhone and likes to golf. This app records scores for all players, has a range finder with maps for over 25,000 courses worldwide, and keeps statistics with a calculated handicap.

Range Finder feature (for iPhone 3G and 3GS)
-Up to 10 markers per hole
-4 Satellite viewing modes (Here, Tee, Fairway and Green)
-A table view mode if no satellite images available
-Easily see distance ball was hit
-Use AppSafe to mark the course if not already done
-See distance to any point from current location

After you've played a round of golf, you can upload your scores to OobGolf and email your fantastic scores to jealous friends. You can do all of this with your iPhone before you even step off the 18th Green, then go have a beer!

This iPhone app can also help you book tee times, find courses with google maps, and logs previous games played to update stats. You can even run side games such as best ball. Senygma, the maker of this app, has also launched the GolfCard for the Google Android

A very nice and professionally done application for serious and casual golfers. A great way to enhance your golfing experience with some fancy technology - definitely Kicks Butt!


  1. I suspect my friends will think I'm talking or surfing on my Android instead of entering our golf scores. But it does seem like a good application.

  2. There are also other apps made for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Pre, but this one covered more courses than most others and seemed most straightforward to use.

    It seems easy to get lost in some mobile apps that have too many options or screens when you want to use it quickly and store it again.

    Hope this one works for you.

  3. The more sophisticated map reader applications that spans the area covered for golf field which determines the score on number of holes the ball reached through Wireless LAN.

    app for iphone